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1Welcome to my repository. The repository is structured based on subject (and
2possible sub-subject).
4= Directory layout =
5asterisk           = Supporting asterisk application (phone-book).
6banobsd            = NanoBSD the binary way.
7cgi-scripts        = Random collection of scripts to be used a CGI script.
8cv                 = curiculum vitae.
9cvsmailer          = Some crude attempt to get nicely formatted CVS commit logs.
10dyndns             = Homebrew Dynamic DNS service.
11foomailer          = Easy debug tool for email setups (sending fake SPAM/Virii).
12freebsd-mgnt       = Various shell snippets I use to administer my BSD machines.
13freebsd-mos-driver = Work in progress to port mos driver to FreeBSD.
14java-automator     = Try to 'automate' a GUI process 'FarmVille' used as example.
15liacs              = assigments of subjects at LIACS - Leiden University.
16misc               = Hidden Gems, but most of the time useless :-).
17nagios             = Nagios configuration used in my personal monitoring setup.
18powerbar           = Comtrol the NPM4000 like powerbars via TCP/IP.
19powerbar           = NPM4000 Powerbar Control hacking.
20rdnap              = WebInterface Wrapper around rdnap Perl library.
21timediff           = Little hack to reliable sync time over non-reliable links.
22tools              = Collection of script focused to run a FreeBSD based system.
23transmission       = My BitTorrent Configuration.
25= Files =
26favicon.ico            = my 'initials'.
27foaf.rdf               = Friend Of A Friend card.
28rickvanderzwet.gpg.txt = Public GPG key.
29rickvanderzwet.png     = A picture of me.     = public SSH key.
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