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I like the BitCoin idea, mostly for the GPU computation part and to see if the idea actually holds. To get it running under Ubuntu 10.10 with NVIDIA CUDA 3.2 tools installed, requires some tricks as python-pyopencl requires a whole bunch of non-compatibele NVIDIA stuff to be installed.

$ sudo apt-get install blt dkms libboost-python1.42.0 python-dateutil python-decorator python-matplotlib python-matplotlib-data git-core libboost-python-dev $ mkdir ~/src $ cd ~/src $ git clone $ cd pyopencl $ ./

{{{$ cat <<EOF > BOOST_INC_DIR = [] BOOST_LIB_DIR = [] BOOST_COMPILER = 'gcc43' BOOST_PYTHON_LIBNAME = boost_python-py26 USE_SHIPPED_BOOST = False CL_TRACE = False CL_ENABLE_GL = False CL_ENABLE_DEVICE_FISSION = False CL_INC_DIR = usr/local/cuda/include CL_LIB_DIR = usr/local/cuda/lib64 CL_LIBNAME = OpenCL CXXFLAGS = [] LDFLAGS = [] EOF }}}

$ make $ sudo make install

Now download and run the miner. I run mine against the Eligius Grid. Replace 1AdxXkR3aB6xwPU6XwPZMZhu2v9avFuFoJ with your own BitCoin Address, else thanks for the donation!

$ cd ~/src $ git clone $ cd poclbm $ python --device=0 --pass=x --port=8337 --user=1AdxXkR3aB6xwPU6XwPZMZhu2v9avFuFoJ --verbose

For daily usage you can run it as a daemon with verbose logging if wanted:

$ python --device=0 --pass=x --port=8337 --user=1AdxXkR3aB6xwPU6XwPZMZhu2v9avFuFoJ --verbose >> bitcoin-mining.log &

If you have multiple GPUs in your system, make sure to fire up multiple installed with different --device= ID.

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