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    114114My resistor bed consist of of 4 x 2R2 (WH10) in series resulting in 9 Ohm, PSU does not like this low load conditions or is simply broken which would make my 2nd dead power supply. The new PSU is only 12V which is not heating up properly. According to [ Ohm's law] (I = V/R or R = V/I or V = IR) and my resistor rating i get 1.3A, which in result would yield only (W = VI) 15.6W heating power, not sufficient since my total resistor capacity is 40W. Which would give me W = VI combined with V = IR becomes W = IRI. W=40, R=9, makes I = 2A. Which in result would require V to be 40W / 2A = 20V. To fix this I will need to change the resistor bed layout. Instead of 4 in series. Put two in parralel and next two pairs in serie. 
     116==== Stepper motors turns the wrong way
     117The orientation of the stepper motors does not match the standard one in the Marlin firmware. Since I rather keep the firmware configuration as vanilla as possible reversing the connectors on the board is the easiest way to make it all compatible again.
     119==== Testing nozzle
     120In order to print I need a working nozzle, with proper temperature settings and feed rates. I use manual codes to allow debugging. First set the temperature of the nozzle [ M104 S185] next ensure the extruder coordinates are relative else I need to keep adding digits. [ M83]. Next I wait till the temperature is right, by checking it manually [ M105]. Feeding goes by [ G0 F500 E100].