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I have 2 FOSCAM HD IP camera and 1 UBNT airVision (old model) IP camera which are used for surveillance monitoring. Storage of images is done on the camera's itself, so I only needed something to view the live feeds of the camera's combined an a single screen. I had an old HDMI screen laying around and the Raspberry Pi 3 is yet the perfect (inexpesive fit) for this purpose.

Getting started

  • Install the standard debian Raspberry Pi and make sure to select console mode. We do need any GUI, since we will be using omxplayer to

Monitoring of camera feeds


# Quick to deal with omxplayers which are in deadloop,
# detection based on low-CPU usage
for PID in `pgrep omxplayer.bin`; do
  PCPU=`ps -p $PID -o pcpu=`
  if echo $PCPU 2.0 | awk '{exit $1<$2?0:1}'; then
    echo "Lets kill pid $PID"
    kill -KILL $PID


*  *    * * *   root    /root/ | logger
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