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Modify Internal SDcard storage to External SDcard

The Samsung Galaxy XCover2 (S7710) has only roughly 500MB left on emulated internal storage which is not enough these days if you like to install a lot of applications. There are many tricks around to move data/cache/applications to the external SD card, but all of them has it quirks. Since large SDcard these days are fast and cheap enough having I think this could be done better, by simply discarding the internal /data storage and use an sdcard partition instead.


What I will do is modify the /etc/fstab.samsungskomer to change the mount of the ext4 /data of the internal location /dev/block/mmcblk0p25 to the second partition of the external SDCard /dev/block/mmcblk1p2.

Compile Android Tools

$ git clone
$ cd core
$ git checkout android-4.2.1_r1

$ cd libmincrypt
$ gcc -c *.c -I../include
$ ar rcs libmincrypt.a *.o
$ cd ../mkbootimg
$ gcc mkbootimg.c -o mkbootimg -I../include ../libmincrypt/libmincrypt.a

$ cd ../mkbootfs
$ gcc mkbootfs.c -o mkbootfs -I../include

$ cd ../libsparse
$ gcc -o simg2img -Iinclude -lz simg2img.c sparse_crc32.c backed_block.c output_file.c sparse.c sparse_err.c sparse_read.c


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