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    168168 * GPU's with less than 2GB RAM are not supported by many BOINC projects anymore
    169169 * Software support for older videocards is lacking. AMD open source drivers do not support OpenCL, which is required for the computations. The NVIDIA drivers tends to be more easy to install.
    170  *
     170 * Motherboards, RAM and GPUs are somehow cheap to source, how-ever high-power PSUs are not cheaply available.
     171 * Riser cards (used for crypto-mining) provide a cheap way to add extra GPUs to an system.
     172 * Case mounting is a large problem. When using non-standards hardware layouts, I am basically stuck making custom (wooden) casings.
     173 * Use SSD harddisk instead of old harddisk. You save 25 EUR, how-ever you gain quite some speed during install, booting and reliabilitiy.
     175= Repairing PSUs =
     176Repairing PSUs is very hard. Since components are very tightly spaced there is no room to make repairs, without actually destroying or removing other components. Parts which are easy repairable on SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) units are capacitors, fuses and some bridges. How-ever if some has failed it normally cascade into failure of other components as well. If you cannot repair the PSU by replacing the visible broken parts, I would consider it a lost cause.
    172178= Repairing GPUs =