Firmware update using dnsmasq

I using using a Fedora 25 system and the RB260GSP port 1 is connected to my ethernet port (enp4s0).

Stopping firewall to allow DHCP/TFTP inbound

sudo systemctl stop firewalld

Firmware file needs specific name

cp swos-rb260-1.17.lzb /tmp/fw.260
cd /tmp

Starting dnsmasq with TFTP/bootp option

sudo dnsmasq --interface enp4s0 --bind-interfaces --no-daemon --port 0 --dhcp-range,,12h  --dhcp-authoritative \
  --dhcp-host=00:00:00:00:01:01, --enable-tftp --tftp-root=`pwd` --log-queries --log-dhcp

Start firmware upgrade:

  1. Power-off RB260GSP
  2. Press-and-hold reset button
  3. Power-on RB260GSP
  4. Wait till ACT led starts flashing very fast (it first flashes slowly).


When using tcpdump under FreeBSD the VLAN 802.11Q tags are not displayed. Using this trick will show VLAN information on interface vr1:

tcpdump -i vr1 -Uw - | tcpdump -en -r -

Factory Default

Username: admin
Password: <none>

per port VLAN Switch

According to the MicroTik tutorial you can easy create an per port VLAN configuration, allowing you to access all ports individually on your router device. How-ever the instructions are out-dated and not working well. With try-and-error I managed to create an new setup which seems to-do the trick. Download the configuration and enjoy.

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