The new Ubiquiti Aircam is an great and cheap IP webcam.


  • As in 1.13 do not issue PAUSE on the RTSP as it causes the stream to crash.
  • If you have DHCP running it will get an automatic IP assigned.

Single Snapshot

You can get an single snapshot using the HTTP or using the RTSP: HTTP: $ curl -c /tmp/cookies.txt http://ubnt/login.cgi && curl -o snapshot.jpg -LH 'Expect:' -b /tmp/cookies.txt -F username=ubnt -F password=ubnt -F uri=/snapshot.cgi http://ubnt/login.cgi RTSP: $ ffmpeg -i rtsp://ubnt/live/ch00_0 -frames 1 snapshot.jpg

Pro Series?

Looking at the firmware there are a whole bunch of features which I cannot find at my normal AirCam so I guess they will show up in the pro series:

  • SD Card Support:
    AirCam.v1.1.3# strings /bin/ubnt-streamer  | grep -i Record
    Recording stopped
    SD card is full, can not record!%s
    Recording started to %s
  • Motion Detection
    AirCam.v1.1.3# strings /bin/ubnt-streamer  | grep -i motion
    Motion detection enabled for %d:%d (%dx%d@%d.%d, threshold %d)
  • Audio Support
    AirCam.v1.1.3# strings /bin/ubnt-streamer  | grep -i 'audio input'
    Audio input %d: enabled, mixer %d, at %d sampling rate, %d channel(s), encoder type %d set to bitrate %d

Motion Support

"Joerg Linge" pointed out:

I am playing around with my new AirCam running AirCam Firmware 1.1.3

It seams /var/run/motion_event is created and the content changes while motion is detected

while true; do cat /var/run/motion_event ; sleep 1; done
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