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     1= Introduction =
    12Zero Emission Heating is a research project which uses left-over processing power from old computer equipment to transform Green Energy (generated using Wind & Solar Power) to heat.
    56 * Reuse of equipment is placed higher on the [ Waste Hierarchy] ladder, than Recycling or Disposal.
    67 * The computing power could be used for the common cause, by calculating for science projects using [ BOINC].
     9= Approach =
     10I have an old PC with additional GPU, how-ever running this at full capacity does not yield enough heat to fully heat my home, so I properly needs to be running multiple machines and do not mind the extra noice.
     12= Kickback =
     13By using [ Gridcoin (GRC)] you could get a small rebate of the costs required to run the equipment
     15= Challenges =
     16It comes with the following challenges:
     17 * Running (old) computers requires time & effort in order to keep them running.
     18 * Spare parts needs to be around to be able to cope with failures.
     19 * Drivers for old GPU hardware are sometimes hard to get to work.
     22= Similar projects =
     23* Start-up [ Nerdalize] is using computing power to heat tap-water.