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Zero Emission Heating is a research project which uses left-over processing power from old computer equipment to transform Green Energy (generated using Wind & Solar Power) to heat.

This yields to the following benefits:

  • The 'high quality' energy has a dual purpose, instead of directly converting it to heat.
  • Reuse of equipment is placed higher on the Waste Hierarchy ladder, than Recycling or Disposal.
  • The computing power could be used for the common cause, by calculating for science projects using BOINC.


I have an old PC with additional GPU, how-ever running this at full capacity does not yield enough heat to fully heat my home, so I properly needs to be running multiple machines and do not mind the extra noice.


By using Gridcoin (GRC) you could get a small rebate of the costs required to run the equipment


It comes with the following challenges:

  • Running (old) computers requires time & effort in order to keep them running.
  • Spare parts needs to be around to be able to cope with failures.
  • Drivers for old GPU hardware are sometimes hard to get to work.

Join the cause

Find 'Team Zero Emission Heating' in your favourite BOINC project and join the team to promote our effort.

Similar projects

  • Start-up Nerdalize is using computing power to heat tap-water.

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