Jumping around in bash shell

I jump around a lot in the terminal between different projects and activities. To avoid endless typing I have created aliases which allows me to quickly perform this task.

By adding the following entries to your .bashrc you will give access to the powerfull tools of jcd scd lcd. First and foremost goto a directory you would like to earmark. Type scd <alias-of-choice> and your entry will be stored. To go back to this directory type jcd <stored-alias> and you arrived at your destination. Tab completion also works to save typing some more.

function jcd {
        cd "$(grep "${1:-blank} /" ~/.jcd | cut -d' ' -f  2-)"

function scd {
        ( grep -v "^${1:-blank} /" ~/.jcd; echo ${1:-blank} `pwd` ) > ~/.jcd.new
        mv ~/.jcd.new ~/.jcd

function lcd {
        cat ~/.jcd | sed 's/ /\t = /'

function _listcd {
        opts=$(awk '{print $1}' ~/.jcd | grep "^$2")
        COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "${opts}" -- ${cur}) )
        return 0

complete -F _listcd jcd
complete -F _listcd scd


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