Posts for the month of November 2020

Trac FullBlogPlugin comment spam

Even though I have enabled spam filtering the blog get swarmed with blog comment spam for some reason.

Since their are no user generated comments, time to start fresh again:

$ sudo -u www sqlite3 trac.db
sqlite> DELETE from fullblog_comments;

Next job, find out how the comments get here in the first place.

UPDATE 1 dec 2020:
Seems like Recaptcha2 is being automated or abused somehow:

Captcha (15): Human verified via CAPTCHA (Recaptcha2)

Deleted it in favor of my own running my own version... to be continued.

Fixing Medion GPU replacement issues

Got myself a old(er) MEDION "PC Medion Erazer X5308 F / B551 EU" with specs:

Model: MT 20
Type: MET MT 8047N
MSN: 1002 0291

on which I would like to downgrade the GPU since the installed one (NVIDIA GTX 970) was overspected and more useful somewhere else. Hoping to install an old ATI Radeon HD7870 card.

Trying to boot the machine resulted in a beeping system (long - short - short), this BIOS error code means something is wrong with the GPU.

Made sure PSU and GPU were both functioning as expected by plugging them into an alternative system, leaves me with a bit of a puzzle. Since the mainboard (type MS-7848) is custom made no manual could be found for good debugging.

After some searching around I stumbled on a similar error, how-ever the use-case is completely different. Thanks to Dragna at the MEDION Cummunity forum for answering his own question I found the hint I was looking for.

  - In the BIOS > Advanced > OS Settings -> Select Win7/Other.
  - Go in the CSM menu which just appeared and set everything to UEFI except "Launch Video OpROM policy" which should be set "Legacy".

Root cause pretty simple after all,the Sapphire HD 7870 does not support UEFI at all. Hence the modification of the BIOS settings to support the old legacy stuff.

Voila, problem solved. Yet another piece of hardware saved from the e-waste.