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Image sorting with oneliners

I have many images on my devices, which can become messy after a while. Today I like to have all my images from my (old) Nokia N95 archived in two (year) folders:

Tip: This require installing the exif package. Note: The quotes and -I templating is needed as some files contained spaces within them.

First find me all pictures including the thumbnails and other junk from some old photo editing software program and store them in an folder called dir:/media/RICK_250GB/Pictures/N95/ :

$ find . | grep -i 'jpg$' | grep -v '/\.' | grep -v 'Data\.noindex'  |\
  xargs -n 1 -I % sh -c "exif '%' | grep -q 'N95' && \
  cp '%' /media/RICK_250GB/Pictures/N95/"

Some other raw pictures also got included, I only want the ones from the N95 which have exact 11 digits and have prefix jpg. So get rid of all others:

$ cd /media/RICK_250GB/Pictures/N95/
$ ls | grep -v -E '^[0-9]{11,11}\.jpg*' | xargs -n 1 -I % rm '%'

Now store all in the correct folder:

$ cd /media/RICK_250GB/Pictures/N95/
$ mkdir 2008 2009 2010
$ ls * | xargs -n 1 -I % sh -c 'echo mv % `exif -t 0x9003  -m % | cut -c 1-4`/%' | sh