Firefox GTK File Upload Dialog not showing previews

I am confused about Firefox under linux not being about to properly preview all images in the "File Upload" dialog. Since camera's do not generate meaning file-name trying to guess/remember/pick the file-name to be used is annoying time consuming.

More-over the behaviour is not consistent, it only seems to happen on large image files, the small ones are generated properly.

Turns out I looking at a work-around for a CVE issue fixed 5 years ago, as seen in Firefox bugzilla issue:1184009.

The work-around consist of disabling the preview for pictures larger than 4096px in height or width). It has been reported multiple times to have it fixed, how-ever all cases being closed, as it was not safe enough.

5 years down the road an new argument comes to table seen at issue:1571984. "They need to re-implement it ourself, since the external library cannot be trusted.", which seems to make sense at first glance.

Leaves me wondering what they mean with "rigging up their own imagelib". Since 10 months has passed since the last comment. I guess it's challenge accepted, I will try to write a patch somehow ....


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