One Way to Support the FreeBSD project

One way to support the FreeBSD project is to donate funds, but a much more interesting way of donating to the FreeBSD project is to run your own freebsd router/appliance/server which joins in on the FreeBSD ISO torrent website.

This a rather simple job. First install net-p2p/transmission-daemon and depending on your favorite way go for the web solution www/transmission-web --make sure to change the ACLs to match your setup-- or the CLI net-p2p/transmission-cli.

Next make sure TCP port 51413 inbound is allowed (or configure your transmission-daemon to use a different one.

Make sure you install at least the most popular ones (the full release versions like (8.1-RELEASE-amd64-all and 8.1-RELEASE-i386-all). By manually adding the torrent links to the queue. Wait... you can also try my hack to automatically use the latest available torrents (useful to quickly get in sync on a new releases). Take a look at source:transmission/

As I have FreeBSD installed on CF card readonly, I host the torrents of a mobile USB hard drive mounted at /data which makes my config source:transmission/settings.json a bit different than the usual ones.


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